This century is changing with lighting speed!. Have you ever thought about what you want to change in 2021?

From the Oxford Dictionary, a word of “change” has 13 definitions, which is your top priority in your mind at the moment?

1) “to become different”;

2) “change somebody/something to make somebody/something different”;

3) “to pass from one state or form into another; to make somebody/something pass from one state or form into another”

4) “change something to stop having one state, position or direction and start having another”;

5) “to replace one thing, person, service, etc with something new or…

Everyday is a new day! New Year with new hope and new plans or new goals! It’s normal that most of people are looking forward to a healthier, happier and more productive new year. What about your new normal?

I had a habit since I was a teenager when I reviewed my past year on the night of every Dec 24th. I would then set a new goal in the first week of January, where I would set a theme for the forthcoming year. For instance, if I wanted to learn about “JOY”, it was a year of Joy. If…

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When you learn something new, will you set any objective for your learning? It does quite normal indeed. For my coaching supervision learning journey, as said that I had no idea about this area and I was just full of question marks in mind with excitement. Without expectation can be a big bonus for learning outcomes.

Today, when I look back, these 2 years, I realize that I’m not pursing a strong and first-rate performance coach with different coaching skills & theories. But just an opposite learning direction. I am trying to unlearn and unblock in my mind to experience…

Took from Tuen Mun River — Late Afternoon

Every time, no matter if I just go to the park or hike in the mountains, or go diving under the oceans, or look at the sky, with my high curiosity I’m amazed that our earth is such a miracle. Nature is truly full of wisdom, where every single creature and natural landscape are our greatest teachers in life. They are open to share their wisdom, provided that we are interested to investigate and observe.

This times, I would like to share what I have learnt from big birds (Ardeidae) in Tuen Mun River. They are perhaps a mix of…

I believe that there is no coincidence in life. My Coaching Supervision journey started from one casual conversation.

In 2018, after receiving the Master Certified Coach Credential (MCC) accredited by ICF, I had a chance to meet Satoko. She recommended me to learn Coaching Supervision. When I received an offer from CSA, I was so excited. I feel I have to jump into the ocean even though I have no idea about it. Another reason is about Lynne De Lay. A very humble and committed personality which I admired.

When I attended the first module in Seattle in 2019, I…

Since I returned from Canada in mid-January, I have a long list of plans for my 2020 new year. One of my plans is looking to push myself beyond my physical limits. The reason is I am getting older and have to keep in good cardio condition, so I try to go to hiking whenever possible. I frequently hike the same mountain — Castle Peak. It is one of three sharp summits in Hong Kong, which is a challenging and physically demanding trail with steep slopes. A continuous stair of up with more than 1,000 steps (not a rock scramble).

Everyone knows listening is important. No matter whether it is in school, the working environment, within the family, or nowadays, even on social media platforms, we need to use both of our ears to listen to others. However, how many people really listen to what others are really saying? Is it just using our two ears that are called listening?

I recall a memory from my kindergarten school. My English teacher taught me to use English vocabulary, while at the same time she twisted both of my ears, when she accused me of not listening in the class. Since then…

Last week I was invited to a week’s cross-culture coaching session with scholars at Peking University. It was my second time to participate in this scholarly association and last year it was in Taipei University. The scholars come from Asia, North America and Africa. They all are very smart people and I heard that almost every scholar is trilingual.

During the week I conducted Harrison Assessment debriefing and coaching sessions with them. They were all very open and willing to participate and overcome their weaknesses. Based on the individual sessions and their own paradox reports, the association would like to…

This morning, I am sitting at a table with a family of three: one 11–13 years old elder sister, one 6–8 years old younger brother and a mother who is approximately 35–40 years old.

Sister: ‘Shut up,’ she says with a helpless tone and pitch, ‘you hurt me and make me very angry and don’t touch my toys anymore.’

Mother: (she is playing with her mobile game and doesn’t get involved directly). ‘Let him play, he is your younger brother!’

Sister: (sobbing because she feels helpless), ‘You have just asked me to let him do anything, yet you never consider…

I recently read a book called, “On being a supervisee: Creating Learning Partnerships” by Michael Carroll & Maria Gilbert, in which there were many self-reflection areas and If you are working in a “helping profession”, I would highly recommend this book to you.


As a coach, I was very impressed, as it quoted the student’s prayer at the beginning of the book, as follows:

‘Don’t impose on me what you know; I want to explore the unknown and be the source of my own discoveries. Let the known be my liberation, not my slavery.

The world of…

Stephanie Lam

IRIDESCENT Coach - I wish everyone has an IRIDESCENT hue - a life full of hope, joy and energy in which one can achieve fulfillment.

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